The Society

The UK Magnetics Society supports magnetics professionals in all fields or countries.

We are a pro-profit unincorporated association dedicated to supporting the worldwide magnetics community.

We have a formal constitution, and are managed by a committee drawn from our membership supported by a Secretariat delivering the day to day to work of the Society.

There are no geographical or professional restrictions on membership. Our membership is drawn from industry, government and academia around the world, and includes researchers, managing directors, PhD students, sales staff, materials specialists, manufacturers, engineers and chief engineers, heads of Societies, consultants, amongst others.

There are no restrictions on the area of magnetics; we strongly believe in the cross-pollination of ideas between different disciplines, and we have members working in almost every field of magnetics.

Our main aim is to advance the scientific, technical and practical development and application of magnetics technology and materials. We deliver this by:

  • providing a forum for the exchange of information on magnetic materials and their applications between appropriate centres of activity;
  • organising seminars, workshops and other meetings relevant to the needs of researchers, manufacturers and users of magnetic materials;
  • acting as a coordination centre for research and development;
  • disseminating information relevant to the needs of member organisations;
  • acting as a clearing house for enquiries both between members, and between members and non-members;
  • liaising with other organisations having similar objectives.

In practise, we currently:

  • organise a programme of technical seminars and networking events;
  • publish a magazine, MagNews, every quarter;
  • offer platforms to advertise events, jobs, products and capabilities, such as MagNews, this website, Events Calendar, Jobs list, and Resource Directory;
  • field technical queries through the Secretariat;
  • assist students financially and technically;
  • collaborate with other societies worldwide to advertise the Society and its activities, and inform members of relevant events in other parts of the world;
  • organise conferences and support conferences run by other organisations;
  • present the annual Lifetime Contribution to Magnetics award to a member of the worldwide magnetics community.