Advertising in MagNews

We distribute MagNews by mail to our members, as well as at exhibitions and conferences, and on the website.

MagNews is read by an estimated 2,500 magnetics professionals in industry, academia and government around the world. Our international readership roughly breaks down as:

  • UK: 40%
  • Europe: 30%
  • North America / Japan / China / other: 30%.

MagNews is the only publication targeted to such groups.

MagNews offers advertising opportunities by the A4 page or fraction of A4 page (1/2 page, 1/4 page, etc). Campaigns can be booked from a single issue across as many issues as desired.

Dimensions / outer box size for MagNews adverts

  • 1/4 page ad: 90mm [w] x 130mm [h]
  • 1/2 page ad: 185mm [w] x 135mm [h]
  • Full page ad: 185mm [w] x 265mm [h]

Our rates start at £175.00 GBP + VAT per issue, for a ¼ page full-colour advert in 4 issues. Special rates for particular arrangements can be negotiated.

Please contact for a quote, giving an idea of the size of advert you wish to place, and for how many issues.

Advertising on the Website

The website has two locations for adverts, the Top Right Box and the Right Hand Box. Both of these are visible on every page of the website.

Dimensions / outer box size for website adverts

  • Top Right Box: 300px x 70px
  • Right Hand Box: 200px x 610px

Commercial campaigns can be booked from a minimum of one month. This space is available starting at £50.00GBP + VAT for 1 month.

Conferences can be advertised as part of a reciprocal promotional arrangement.

Please contact for a quote, stating which advert box you wish to use, and for how many months.

Advertising Vacancies / Jobs

We can advertise any vacancies you have, for either industrial or research positions, either on our Jobs site, or in MagNews.

The Jobs site is available 365/24, while MagNews is published 4 times a year (see MagNews Submissions for publishing programme).

Please contact for a quote to advertise a position.

Other Forms of Advertising

The Society offers plenty of opportunities to reach a knowledgable and wide-ranging audience through its activities such as seminars, publications and communications.

We would be glad to discuss any advertising suggestions you may have in addition to those outlined above.