Lifetime Contribution to Magnetics Recipients

The Society presents its Lifetime Contribution to Magnetics Award in recognition of a recipient’s outstanding contributions to the field of magnetics. It is presented to leading members of the worldwide magnetics community; individuals are nominated based on their consistent support, work and achievements over many years which have significantly moved our knowledge and use of magnetic technologies forward.

The award is presented as a way of thanking recipients for their dedication and achievements over many years, and for providing an example of the excellence to which we as a community should aspire.

2012: Professor David Howe, FREng

Made an outstanding contribution to our understanding of electromechanical energy conversion, ranging from sub-kilowatt linear/rotary machines to multi-Megawatt turbo-generators, with particular emphasis on permanent-magnet excited machines. His research spanned all facets of controlled electrical drive systems, including those for high performance aerospace applications, and cost sensitive automotive and industrial applications.

2012: Professor Rex Harris, FREng, FIMMM

Made an outstanding contribution to our understanding of the processing of magnetic materials and hydrogen – metal interactions, developing the Hydrogen Decrepitation Process for magnet manufacturing and recycling. Also his work in promoting a viable European high-tech magnet industry, and the role of permanent magnet motors in minimising carbon emissions.

2013: Professor Hywel Davies, FREng, FIMMM

Made an outstanding contribution to the field of magnetics through his work on the application of rapid solidification to the development of new and / or improved hard and soft magnetic alloys.

2014: Professor Tim Miller, FIET, FIEE

Made an outstanding contribution to the field of magnetics through his work on the software for electric motor design, and as founder and Director of the Scottish Power Electronics and Electric Drive Consortium (SPEED) at the University of Glasgow.

2014: Professor Alan G Clegg, PhD, DSc

Made an outstanding contribution to the field of magnetics through his work both on permanent magnets and measurement of their properties, and in the standards committees of the IEC and BSI.

2015: Professor J F Eastham, FIEE, FREng

Made an outstanding contribution to the field of magnetics through his work on electrical machines of many kinds, including induction, synchronous, linear, disc, and brushless DC motors, magnetic bearings, and axial flux machines, as well as improving their components and enhancing our understanding of their operation.

2016: Professor Anthony Moses, FIEE, FIMM

Made an outstanding contribution to the field of magnetics through his experimental and educational activity in the field of soft magnetic materials and coatings, in particular the measurement of magnetic properties, observation and modelling of phenomena and processes such as magnetisation and core losses in electrical machines, and development of methods to improve these.

2018: Professor Bill Trowbridge, OBE, FIEE

The use of electromagnetic simulation software has become a key part of the design process, and it is fair to say that every major electromagnetic software company was in some way inspired by the work that Bill was doing at the time, or has relied on research that has been disseminated through the COMPUMAG Society which he was instrumental in founding.

2019: Professor Doctor Elena Lomonova

Her multi-disciplinary approach to fundamental and application oriented research in mechatronics and electromechanical motion systems, power electronic system architectures, and power converters has led to novel and effective solutions and an impressive output of projects, papers and patents.

2021: Professor Dr. Radivoje Popović

Made an outstanding contribution to the field of magnetic sensing. His inventions in Hall sensor technology significantly advanced the state of the art and his entrepreneurship ensured that these inventions have had a far-reaching impact on industries ranging from high-end scientific research to mass-market automotive. His efforts in teaching and dissemination, including authoring the book on Hall sensors, have ensured this know-how will be passed on to future generations.

2022: Doctor Elizabeth Surrey

Outstanding contributions to nuclear fusion, placing the world on a path to commercialise these technologies including expanding our knowledge and application of beam and nuclear fusion technologies, determination and delivery of technical, industrialisation, and engagement strategies at the UKAEA, management of scientific and industrial Technology Programmes, and creation of Fusion Technology Facilities, as well as her interest in engaging the wider world with physics in general.