Ewing Event ’22: The Road to Fusion

Dec 7th 2022 - Dec 7th 2022

York, United Kingdom

Updated 12/09/2022

Of all applications of magnetic technology, nuclear fusion offers the greatest potential benefit. The ability to generate emissions free electricity from simple fuels has been a dream for centuries, and an achievable goal for decades.

This year’s Ewing Event will look at the different routes to commercial fusion. Speakers will give a general state of play with the idea of commercial systems being available in 5 years, as well as the design of components and systems.

Current plans for the Ewing Event include:

  • a full day technical seminar
  • lab tours of:
    York Plasma Institute
    Fusion Centre for Doctoral Training
  • the prestigious Ewing Lecture
  • reception and informal dinner

The Ewing Event will take place at the Ron Cooke Hub at the University of York, UK, and details of the dinner will follow.


Seminar Venue

Ron Cooke Hub,

Tiered Lecture Theatre,

University of York,

133 Deramore Ln, York YO10 5GE



Parking is available at the Ron Cooke Hub. Charges do apply.



The dinner will be held at a separate location. Details to follow.





An overview of the major challenges, Tokamak Energy's approach to solving the problems and coil development programmes.
by Dr Greg Brittles of Tokamak Energy

Stuart Clark of Stuart Clark