Speaker Information

If you've been sent a link to this page, you've been invited to speak at one of our events. Thanks for agreeing to do so, and for taking the time to put together a presentation for us. We need at least two things, and we'd like three:
  • 1. A presentation Experience with previous speakers have suggested the following Guidelines for speaking at UK Magnetics Society events, mainly to do with duration and content. We think your presentation will be best received by our delegates if you follow the advice in the guidelines.
  • 2. Information about you to introduce you to the audience We need a few details about you and your talk to provide a good introduction to your talk. The chair of your event will be grateful if you could complete a Speaker Information Form and return it to astewart@ukmagsoc.org.
  • 3. Technical Paper A technical paper based on your presentation would be great, but this isn't critical if it can't be done. This Sample Technical Paper gives an idea of what we're after. Papers help your ideas and presentation remain with the audience, and enable their distribution to people who couldn't attend. We are often asked for past papers. This technical paper template should give you a good starting point.