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Jul 28th 2021 - Jul 28th 2021

Updated 28 July 2021


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A free online UKMS event paid for by Sheffield University as part of two major wind turbine research projects: the Powertrain Research Hub and The Prosperity Partnership.

Research in both projects aims to improve wind turbine technologies, looking at generators, powertrains, blades, foundations and operations.

This event will promote and disseminate results and innovations from both projects, focussing on generators and powertrains, where the aim is to deliver modular MW generators larger than currently possible with improved testing and monitoring capabilities. (More information below.)


Start 14:00 UK

End 16:00 UK (latest)

Programme is being finalised, but will include:

  • Zi-Qiang Zhu, University of SheffieldWelcome
  • Anna Southall, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult (OREC)An overview of the work of the Catapult and the benefits of academic partnerships
  • Stephen Webb, EPSRCWhat the Prosperity Partnership projects aim to achieve and their successes so far
  • Chris Briggs, Siemens Gamesa Renewable EnergyWhy the partnership works for us
  • Zi-Qiang Zhu, University of SheffieldIntroducing Sheffield EEE Department’s work on both projects
  • Short presentations on Sheffield’s research on wind turbine drive trains and power trains, incl:
    • Dave Stone – Integration of Hybrid Battery / Capacitor Energy Storage into Modular Multilevel Convertors
    • Guang-Jin Li – Fault Modelling and Diagnostics of Multi-Phase Permanent Magnet Machines for Offshore Wind Applications
    • Guang-Jin Li – Fault Modelling and Diagnostics of Permanent Magnet Machines for Wind Power Applications
    • Guang-Jin Li – Novel Vernier Permanent Magnet Machines for Offshore Wind Power Application
    • Guang-Jin Li – Robust Modular Machine Topologies
  • Q&A


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More on the Projects:

Powertrain Research Hub


Key Objectives

Future technoloiges for larger turbines, including:

  • Reliability improvement and advanced test methodologies
  • Advanced health condition monitoring and prognostic technologies
  • Development of next-generation powertrain components for larger turbines

Sheffield are working in:

  • Fault modelling and diagnostics of multi-phase permanent magnet machines for offshore wind applications
  • Effects of high humidity on power module and gate drive circuit lifetime and reliability
  • Integration of hybrid battery capacitor energy storage into MMCs

The Prosperity Partnership in Offshore Wind


Key Objectives

  • Drive Trains – radical innovations in electrical machines and converters delivering modular large generators with greater robustness, fault-tolerance and reliability
  • Blades – new technology and methods for assessing blade structural health, including a population-based Structural Health Monitoring method, integrated fibre optic sensors in blades, and computer vision methodologies
  • Foundations – improving foundations through new models of stress in monopile and jacket foundations, improving understanding of soil interaction with different floating turbine anchoring concepts
  • Operations & Maintenance – developing novel condition monitoring sensor technologies, new techniques for earlier detection, diagnosis and prognosis of emergent faults using SCADA and condition monitoring turbine data


Point of Contact: Keith Dean
Email: k.dean@sheffield.ac.uk




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