Magnetic Technologies for Electric Vehicles


Oct 27th 2021 - Oct 27th 2021

Updated 15 September 2021

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Electric vehicles are the future of road transport; the technologies to realise them are being developed now, with new ideas, research, products, and solutions appearing every day. This seminar will give you an idea of some of the latest thinking.

Speakers will discuss dynamic modelling and behavior of electrical steel, measurement for automotive magnets, motors, and charging, optimising e–machines, NVH, manufacturing impacts on EM performance, and more. The seminar wil be a virtual afternoon event, with presentations, discussions, and networking opportunities (UK times).


  • Bilquis Mohamodhosen, Dassault Systèmes
  • Graeme Finch, NPL
  • Jonathan Godbehere, MDL


The programme will consist of talks with Q&A, exhibitors, and networking sessions.

Approximate Start Time: 13:00

Approximate End Time: 18:00

All times GMT


The seminar will be hosted on hopin because it offers an intuitive online conference experience. As well as the talks on the Stage, at any time you can

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A new approach for dynamic modelling and dynamic behavior of electrical steels for future energy systems
by Hamed Bahmani of Durham University

Electrification of domestic, industrial and transport systems has been recognized as a promising solution to combat the global climate change and its catastrophic consequences on the planet earth. In this respect, electric motors, transformers and reactors are the key electromagnetic devices for the furtherance of the global clean technology and green energy sectors toward a zero carbon economy. Therefore optimized design of magnetic cores for high efficiency electromagnetic devices becomes more important than ever. This requires all aspects of power loss mechanism of magnetic materials and magnetic cores to be fully understood. This talk aims to provide an overview of energy loss mechanism and dynamic modelling of electrical steels for high frequency applications, e.g. electric motors. The proposed approach is in line with the magnetic hysteresis and phenomenological concepts of rate-dependent and rate-independent energy loss components of ferromagnetic materials under time varying magnetic fields.

Metrology for Inductive Charging of Electric Vehicles
by Roberta Guilizzoni of NPL

Optimisation of E-machines for System Design of Electric Drive Units
by Jonathan Godbehere of Motor Design Limited

e-NVH numerical simulation of electric drives - sensitivity study of some magnetic modelling parameters using Manatee software
by Jean Le Besnerais of EOMYS Engineering

Electromagnetic noise radiated by electric drives requires complex coupling between electrical, magnetic, structural and acoustic models.

Uncertainty Quantification - influence of manufacturing imperfections on electrical machines for automotive application
by Stéphane Clénet of L2EP, Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology

In mass production, fabrication processes of electrical machines are not perfectly repeatable with time, leading to dispersions on the dimensions which are not equal to their nominal values. These dispersions on the dimensions which changes from an electrical machine to another, are uncertain and can have detrimental effects on the behavior of the electrical machine (vibrations, efficiency…). The stochastic approach, which consist in considering model parameters as random variables, provides powerful tools to quantify the effects of uncertainties. In this presentation, we propose to illustrate on an example in automotive how the stochastic approach enables to quantify the effects of the dispersions on the dimensions on the behaviour of an electrical machine, like the rotor eccentricity and the stator core deformation. We show also how this analysis can be applied to improve the process of fabrication in order to limit the effect of these dispersions.

TBC: Measuring Motor and Magnet Performance for Automotive
by TBD of SG Technologies Ltd

Thermal Improvement Aspects of Magnetic Technologies for EVs
by Fengyu Zhang of University of Nottingham

Thermal management is one key enabler for step change in next-generation high performance motors in the field of transportation electrification. This talk will present effective thermal improvement for electrical machines and thermal modelling techniques.


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