Industrial Conclave on Permanent and Exchange Spring Magnets


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Jul 24th 2020 - Jul 24th 2020

The ideal magnetic hysteresis loop of an exchange spring magnet (dashed), as well as the hysteresis loops of its isolated hard (Blue) and soft (Red) components. (Wikipedia)

Updated 3 July 2020

A half day, online event focussed on the principles and applications of permanent magnets and exchange spring magnets. Speakers from industry and academia in diverse fields such as electric vehicles and data storage will discuss research and applications of permanent magnetic and / or exchange spring magnetic materials, before taking part in an open floor discussion of future directions.

Magnetic materials play a crucial role in electromagnetic technology, for example in electromechanical devices such as motors, dynamos and actuators, but also in data storage in disk drives, tape and magnetic random access memory (MRAM). With the rapid growth in robotics and electric vehicles, the need to maximise the performance of the constituent magnetic materials is more important than ever.

The energy product is a commonly used figure of merit for permanent and hard magnetic materials, which has been painstakingly optimised in materials such as Nd-Fe-B and Sm-Co. Nevertheless, energy products remain far short of their theoretical limits and reliance on expensive rare earth elements is a significant disadvantage.

Potential solutions can be found through improved control of nanoscale structure, for example in artificial exchange spring structures. Exploitation of the exchange interaction between a hard magnetic material and a soft magnetic material presents opportunities to create new materials with high coercivity and high saturation properties.


The conclave will be delivered using the GoToWebinar software. To access the event you will need a good internet connection and a decent computer with audio.


The programme will run from 9:00 to 13:00 UK time on Friday, July 24, 2020.

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Noritsugu Sakuma of Toyota Motor Corporation

Oliver Gutfleisch of TU Darmstadt

Nora Dempsey of NĂ©el Institute, Grenoble

Tom Thomson of University of Manchester

Simon Bance of Seagate Technology

Michael Coey of Trinity College Dublin