How PEMD will drive the electric revolution?


UKMagSoc Sponsored

Nov 12th 2019 - Nov 13th 2019

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Join the Power Electronics and Electric Machines APC Spokes at this joint event at which we will bring together industrialists and academics to explore the intersection between Power Electronics and Electric Machines.

Power Electronics Machines and Drives technologies underpin the electrification of our energy and transport systems but to make them more effective it is essential to realise improvements in power density, costs of manufacturing, reliability and techniques for integration. The event will explore the arising technological challenges and potential solutions in four key topic areas:

  • Thermal management
  • Integrated Drives
  • Modelling of Drives
  • Manufacturing challenges.

The event will be of interest to engineers and scientists from industry and academia who are exploring new technological solutions in the fields of Power Electronics Machines and Drives.