Future of Spintronics


Jan 23rd 2019 - Jan 23rd 2019

Loughborough, United Kingdom

Updated 22/01/19

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The field of spintronics (spin electronics) promises lower energy, more robust data processing and storage, and a potential solution to the ‘thermal instability’ problem faced by Moore’s Law. As the research field has developed, different manifestations of spintronics have been demonstrated such as:

  • spin injection into organic materials
  • utilising proximity effects with superconductors (superconducting spintronics)
  • heat driven generation of a spin current (spin caloritronics)
  • topologically protected magnetic states (skyrmions).

This workshop will provide both:

  • an introduction to spintronics and skyrmions
  • an overview of the current state of the art


  • Dr Kelly Morrison, Loughborough University
  • Dr Andrew Caruana, STFC
  • Ms Laura Stuffins, Loughborough University


The seminar will be held in Room DAV1.01, the Sir David Davies Building, Loughborough University.

The venue can be found in the centre of Loughborough University, on University Road, as shown on this map.


The dress code for the event is business attire / smart casual.


Centre for Science of Materials, Loughborough University


An overview of spintronics
by Prof Tom Thomson of University of Manchester

Overview of Skyrmions
by Prof Thorsten Hesjedal of University of Oxford

The Future of Magnonics: Graded Magnonic Index and Spin-Wave Fano resonances
by Prof Volodymyr Kruglyak of Exeter University

Visualising dynamic magnetic events on the nano-scale using Lorentz microscopy
by Dr Trevor P Almeida of University of Glasgow

Whirlwinds in rust: the physics of magnetic vortices in α-Fe2O3
by Prof Paolo Radaelli of University of Oxford

Emerging Spin Physics at C60 Interfaces
by Dr Oscar Cespedes of University of Leeds

The Magnetic Attraction of Mn Nitrides for Spintronics
by Prof Lesley Cohen of Imperial College London

Superconducting Spin Currents
by Prof Mark Blamire of Cambridge University

An Overview of Neutrons for Studying Magnetism and Spintronics
by Dr Christy Kinane of STFC; ISIS Neutron and Muon Source


TimeSession TitleSession Host
09:00Registration Opens
09:45WelcomeDr Kelly Morrison, Loughborough University
10:00An Overview of SpintronicsProf Tom Thomson, University of Manchester
10:45Overview of SkyrmionsProf Thorsten Hesjedal, University of Oxford
11:30Coffee & Networking
11:45Superconducting Spin CurrentsProf Mark Blamire, Cambridge University
12:15The Magnetic Attraction of Mn Nitrides for SpintronicsProf Lesley Cohen, Imperial College London
12:45Lunch; Posters; Networking
14:00Whirlwinds in rust: the physics of magnetic vortices in α-Fe2O3Prof Paolo Radaelli, University of Oxford
14:30The Future of Magnonics: Graded Magnonic Index and Spin-Wave Fano ResonancesProf Volodymyr Kruglyak, Exeter University
15:00Emerging Spin Physics at C60 InterfacesDr Oscar Cespedes, University of Leeds
15:30Coffee & Networking
16:00Visualising Dynamic Magnetic Events on the Nano-Scale Using Lorentz MicroscopyDr Trevor P Almeida, University of Glasgow
16:30An Overview of Neutrons for Studying Magnetism and SpintronicsDr Christy Kinane, STFC; ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
17:00CloseDr Kelly Morrison, Loughborough University


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