Electrical Machines and Harmonic Filtering


Dec 9th 2020

Updated 26 October 2020

The continuous drive towards high specific output power electronics, electrical machines and drives imposes ever more demanding engineering challenges, some of which are associated with harmonics.

This afternoon seminar will discuss the issues caused by a variety of harmonics effects in the context of design, testing and operation of electrical machines.

A programme of speakers from industry and academia will address a broad spectrum of subjects related to harmonics including power quality and filtering, reliability of electrical insulation system, mechanical design for high-speed operation, noise and vibration, and metrology techniques along with networking opportunities and panel discussions.


The programme will consist of talks with Q&A, panel discussions, exhibitors, and networking sessions.

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Effect of passive inverter output motor filters on drive systems
by Dennis Kampen of BLOCK Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH

The evaluation shows the effect of different on the market available inverter output filters on important drive system characteristics. Each filter is explained and the filter effect on motor insulation, inverter losses, cable losses, motor losses, audible noise, EMI, bearing currents and costs is compared. This paper offers a comprehensive overview and might help drive system designers in choosing the most suitable passive filter solution.

Measuring Torque Ripple and its Effects on Electric Power and Noise & Vibration
by Sönke Treinies of HBK – Hottinger Brüel & Kjaer GmbH

The electric motor has a very desirable torque speed curve because it can not only produce max torque at 0 speed, but across a wide range of speeds. While this ability creates new opportunities with the electric motor, it also creates some new challenges in comparison to internal combustion engines. One of these challenges is torque ripple, which has several implications including control, power output, noise, vibration, and durability. Torque ripple can be described as the variance of output torque as the motor rotates and will be discussed in this presentation.

Rotor mechanical issues
by Nicola Chiodetto of Newcastle University

CAE-led Design of an EV Traction Motor and Test Rig with Romax Evolve
by Bartosz Lukasik of Romax Technology

Design of the test rig for an EV powertrain built under Innovate UK funding. Apart from the test rig design the talk is also about an effect on harmonics in the motor that in turn result in altered NVH response of the powertrain.


TimeSession TitleSession Host
13:30Conference Opens
14:00Effect of passive inverter output motor filters on drive systemsDennis Kampen, BLOCK
14:30Measuring torque ripple and its effects on electric power and noise & vibrationSönke Treinies, HBK
15:15Rotor mechanical issuesNicola Chiodetto, Newcastle University
15:45CAE-led design of an EV traction motor and test rig with Romax EvolveBartosz Lukasik, Romax
16:15Panel Discussion
16:45Close; Social and Networking opportunities


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