“Der Permagraph – Messprinzip, Bedienung, Messergebnisse” auf Deutsch



Apr 11th 2024 - Apr 11th 2024

This online training will give you a compact introduction to hard magnetic material analysis with the PERMAGRAPH®. Based on the international standard for the measurement of magnetic properties, ISO 60404-5, we clarify the definitions of important characteristics which can be found on the hysteresis curve and explain the differences between magnet materials. We present the components of the equipment, introduce the measuring accessories i.e., surrounding coils, measuring poles and components for the measurement at high temperatures and analyze the measuring results. You will receive hints for the selection of the proper accessories for your application and practical tips for the measurement. We demonstrate the measuring process starting from the input of material data and settings in the user-friendly software, showing how to mount temperature poles, analyzing the measuring curves and saving the measurement data.