Course: Online Magnetics Bootcamp with Dr Stan Trout (Americas)


Aug 12th 2020 - Aug 19th 2020

Updated 12/08/20

Course Postponed

A one day* online course on Permanent (Hard) Magnetic Materials and their applications, delivered by recognised industry expert Dr Stan Trout of Spontaneous Materials. This cohort is timed to be convenient for the Americas.

Excellent for:

  • people who require an introduction to magnetics,
  • a thorough refresher course for people who’ve been working with them for a while.

* The course will be delivered online via Zoom over two half days.

As an online course, it is open to everyone.

Course dates for this cohort^:

  1. Day 1: 12 August 2020; 11:00 Eastern time, US
  2. Day 2: 19 August 2020; 11:00 Eastern time, US

(We are planning to run the same course at different times in the future, for convenience in different timezones. We’ve run it for Europe, this one is more suitable for the Americas and a future one will suit the Far East and Asia better. You are, of course, welcome to sign up for any course wherever you are.)

There will be plenty of scope for Q&A and interaction, and a copy of the slide pack will be made available.

What’s included

  • Taught course
  • Open ended Q&As after each session
  • Set questions
  • Copy of the course material
  • Follow ups with Stan available

This video from Stan gives the background and outline to the course:

Feedback from Previous Courses

I could not fault the course. It was a pleasure to listen to such an expert.

“Course was outstanding. Appreciated the less formal format, so that questions could be asked as they came up.

Do what you’re doing in the same way! Very informative

Course Content

Stan will cover the following subjects:

Day 1

  1. Welcome
  2. Background
  3. Things we already knew
    1. Poles
    2. Living on a magnet
    3. Viewing magnetic fields
  4. Two simple tests
    1. Does it stick to a magnet?
    2. Does it remain magnetized?
  5. Magnetic Theory
    1. Hysteresis
    2. Three materials
    3. Three vectors
    4. Units and Conversions
  6. Electromagnetism
    1. Field from a current
    2. Wires & Coils
  7. Ferromagnetism
    1. Spin
    2. Exchange
    3. Anisotropy
    4. Curie temperature
  8. Permanent magnets
    1. Processing
    2. Thermal Effects
    3. Corrosion

Day 2

  1. Raw Materials
    1. Economics
    2. Analysis vs. Recovery
    3. Role of Dy and Tb
    4. Recycling
  2. Fields, Forces and Faraday
  3. Magnetizing
  4. Self-demagnetization
  5. Measurements
  6. Case studies
    1. Saturated return path
    2. Incorrect magnetization
    3. Ferrite conversion
    4. Nineteen Mistakes
  7. What’s on the horizon
    1. NdFeB with less Dy
    2. Exchange magnets
    3. Anisotropic powder
    4. FeN
  8. Material Selection Guidelines
  9. Wrap-up


Dr Stan Trout, BSc, MSc, PhD

Stan Trout has over forty years’ experience in the permanent magnet and rare earth industries. He has a wealth of problem solving abilities, gained from a wide variety of technical and commercial roles, that he is eager to share with his clients. He has been very fortunate to confer, study, meet and collaborate with many international luminaries along the way. He is particularly proud to have trained many of today’s active industry professionals. Stan has a B.S. in Physics from Lafayette College and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Metallurgy and Materials Science from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Trout is a registered Professional Engineer in both Colorado and Pennsylvania.

Several years ago he set up his own consultancy, Spontaneous Materials, to provide expertise on magnetics design issues and material selection. Along with several other industry experts, Walter Benecki, Steve Constantinides, and John Ormerod, he also writes the Magnet Industry Newsletter, published 6 times a year.

He has delivered a physical version of the magnetics bootcamp many times, both at conferences in the USA including the annual Magnetics conference in Orlando, and at individual organisations.

Course Link

We’ve found running previous courses that links sent out to give attendees access to the Zoom call have ended up in people’s junk folder. If you haven’t heard from us by the morning of the course, please do check your email’s Junk or Spam Folders, as we will have sent out the link.

^ Expression of Interest

We are running future cohorts to fit different timezones, including Asia and Europe. If you can’t make the dates of this cohort; please sign up as an expression of interest, and we can contact you when we run the course again to see if a different timezone fits.


Dr Stan Trout of Spontaneous Materials


TimeSession TitleSession Host
12 August; 11:00 EasternDay 1 Starts
12 August; 15:00 EasternDay 1 Ends; Q & A
19 August; 11:00 EasternDay 2 Starts
19 August; 15:00 EasternDay 2 Ends; Q & A


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