Challenges in Applied Magnetism Workshop 2


Jun 12th 2024 - Jun 12th 2024

London, United Kingdom

Updated 15/05/2024

A follow on from 2023’s successful initial workshop, to carry on the discussions.

This experimental  workshop will continue to bring together fundamental magnetics researchers with applied scientists and engineers to find benefits from working closely together. Obviously some of this activity is happening already, but both IOP and UKMS believe there are more connections to be made.

The workshop is organised jointly by the IOP Magnetism Group and the UK Magnetics Society.

Workshop Purpose

  • Bring together engineers and scientists working in Fundamental Magnetics and Applied Magnetics;
  • Provide Fundamental Magneticians an expanded view of the problems Applied Magnetics has and will have;
  • Give Applied Magneticians a good look at the solutions, research, and facilities available or planned in Fundamental Magnetics.

Workshop Programme

Draft programme given below. Items may change but the timings are fixed.

The programme will consist of:

  • a series of short, ‘introductory and speculative’ talks on various magnetics topics intended to introduce participants to unfamiliar topics
  • networking and ‘speed-dating’ to develop participants contacts
  • discussions and other activities to identify opportunties for idea sharing, collaboration, and future opportunities

Probable Speakers and Topics

  • Del Atkinson, Durham University – magnetic thin-films
  • David Brown, University of Birmingham – permanent magnets and non-rare earth magnetic materials
  • Safeer Chenattukuzhiyil, Oxford University – spintronics and spin devices
  • Robin Cornelius, Hirst Magnetics – hard magnetic measurements
  • Dean Evans, NEMA Ltd – high performance motor design
  • Roland Gyuráki, Tokamak Energy – high magnetic fields / superconducting magnets
  • Stuart Harmon, NPL – standards
  • Chris Harrison, Cardiff University – soft magnetic materials
  • Rob Hicken, University of Exeter – ferromagnetics, antiferromagnetics and altermagnetics
  • Olivier Masséglia, Paragraf – graphene and measurement
  • Liam O’Brien, University of Liverpool – nanomagnetism
  • Chris Riley, Dassault Systemes – computer modelling

Each talk will be about 15 minutes long, and aim to introduce its subject area to a ‘lay’ audience. No talk will delve into great detail, but all will give high level explanations, an overview of potential developments, and a forecast of benefits / problems.

  • Fundamental researchers will also explain the possible applications or benefits of their technologies currently in the range TR0 – TRL3+, as well as any facilities they have or are planning.
  • Applications presenters will lay out what they see as common problems hopefully solvable in the next 5 – 10 years

Participant Involvement

All delegates are expected to be active participants in the workshop; to be involved in at least the group activities and contribute to the discussions. Only by everyone thinking and discussing their thoughts about what they’ve heard or bring to the workshop can we hope to have a useful day.

Workshop Deliverables

If successful, we hope

  • Fundamental researchers will have more goals and partners for their current and future research, and users for facilities they have or are planning
  • Applied engineers and scientists will have ideas and partners for solutions to problems they don’t know how to solve


Directions on the IOP can be found on their website.

A google map can be found here.


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