MagNews Submission Guidelines

The magazine is published aproximately quarterly, and copy must be received 6 weeks before publication.
Please send any content to

Submission Guidelines

Please send any content to

Please submit only MS Word, unlocked / non-copy-protected PDF files, or plain text. Please submit any images as stand alone files (see below).

Graphics / Images / Diagrams / Photos / Artwork:
PLEASE SUBMIT IMAGES AS STANDALONE FILES. These print to a higher quality than images embedded in Word or PDF documents.

File formats: High quality EPS / TIFF / JPEG / GIF – minimum of 300 dpi, preferably higher, or high resolution print-ready PDF.

We’re after any content relevant to experts in the magnetics sector. In return you have a publication reference in an industry recognised journal.

We’ll consider:

  • news on products, facilities, processes, people or ideas;
  • dates for the events calendar;
  • upcoming or recent events;
  • conference reports;
  • technical articles and papers;
  • thought-provoking pieces;
  • interesting images;
  • comments on previous articles;
  • anything you think our readers might find interesting.

Articles should be of the same nature as a presentation you’d give to our meeting – technical in nature and discussing something new, NOT a sales-pitch saying how wonderful you are! Those do not go down well!

A technical article should be at most 2,000 words, and probably around 1,000, but we do print shorter and longer pieces.

Technical news / press releases can be as short as you like.