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Symposium on Electrical Machines SME 2020



Oct 1st 2020 - Oct 1st 2020

Poznań, Poland    

Rescheduled from June 2020; Possible date TBC mid-October 2020, not 1 October 2020 Topics Modern methods of analysis of electrical machines and drive Algorithms for design and optimization of electrical machines and drives New constructions of electrical machines and their … Continued
  • Electrical Motor Drives
  • Machines
  • Machines - Design
  • Manufacturing

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Measurements

Oct 14th 2020 - Oct 14th 2020

United Kingdom    UKMagSoc

Updated 24 September 2020 Among a dozen physical phenomena exploited to measure magnetic field strength, NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) is by far the most accurate. In addition NMR magnetometers are immune to temperature- or age-related drift. For these reasons they … Continued

2020 Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials



Nov 2nd 2020 - Nov 6th 2020

Ft Lauderdale, United Kingdom    Other Organisation

Virtual Conference The 2020 Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Conference includes all aspects of fundamental and applied magnetism, with sessions reviewing the latest advances in magnetic materials, emerging applications, new phenomena, spin electronics, energy and power applications, biomagnetism and much more.
  • Magnets
  • Permanent Magnetic Materials
  • Soft Magnetic Materials

9th International Conference on Magnetism and Metallurgy



Nov 3rd 2020 - Nov 5th 2020

Rome, Italy    UKMagSoc Sponsored

Rescheduled from June 2020 The consolidated aim of this series of International Conferences on Magnetism and Metallurgy is to bring together scientists from universities and research groups working on the development of magnetic materials, experts from the Industrial companies producing … Continued
  • Characterisation
  • Materials
  • Materials - Design
  • Materials - Development
  • Materials - Soft Magnetic
  • Measurement
  • Power Generation

Soft Magnetic Materials & Applications

Nov 10th 2020 - Nov 11th 2020

United Kingdom    UKMagSoc

Updated 24 September 2020   DRAFT PROGRAMME The programme will run over two days, 10th and 11th November 2020, starting at 13:50 UK each day, through to around 18:00 UK. Each day will consist of talks with Q&A, panel discussions, … Continued

Power Conversion, Intelligent Motion Asia 2020

PCIM Asia 20


Nov 16th 2020 - Nov 18th 2020

Shanghai, China    

An international meeting ground for specialists in power electronics and its applications in drive technologies and power quality. The event offers a chance to see the latest developments in power electronics components and systems. Topics include: » Power semiconductors components and modules » Integrated circuits … Continued
  • Electrical Motor Drives
  • Materials - Permanent Magnetic
  • Materials - Soft Magnetic
  • Sensors

Joint European Magnetics Symposia



Dec 7th 2020 - Dec 11th 2020

Lisbon, Portugal    UKMagSoc Sponsored

Rescheduled from July 2020 The Joint European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS) is the main conference on magnetism in Europe. The Symposia cover a broad range of topics addressing fundamental and applied magnetism, and novel magnetic materials. Plenary, semi-plenary and invited speakers … Continued
  • Biomagnetics
  • Magnetic Recording
  • Materials
  • Materials - Development
  • Materials - Permanent Magnetic
  • Nanomagnetics
  • Sensors
  • Spintronics
  • Superconductivity
  • Thin Films

14th International Conference on Soft Magnetic Materials

ICSMM 2020

Dec 10th 2020 - Dec 11th 2020

Rome, Italy    

ICSMM 2020: 14. International Conference on Soft Magnetic Materials aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Soft Magnetic Materials. It also provides a … Continued

Advances in Magnetics 2020



Dec 16th 2020 - Dec 19th 2020

Moena, Italy    Other

Rescheduled from March 2020 IEEE AIM 2020 will be the third edition of the conference Advances in Magnetics, organized by IEEE Italy Section and its Magnetics Chapter. It will represent a forum for presentation and discussion of the most recent … Continued

Intermag 2021

Apr 26th 2021 - Apr 30th 2021

Lyon, France    Other

Spin Caloritronics XI


May 24th 2021 - May 28th 2021

Urbana-Champaign, United Kingdom    Other

Rescheduled to these dates: May 24-28, 2021 Spin caloritronics is the study of thermally driven spin fluxes. The community of scientists working on the topic meets annually in a series of Spin Caloritronics workshops.

Physics of Magnetism 2021



Jun 28th 2021 - Jul 2nd 2021

Poznań, Poland    Other

Rescheduled: This is the rescheduled PM’20 conference postponed from June 22-26 2020 The conference aims to be an international forum for the presentation and discussion of novel scientific ideas in the field of broadly understood magnetism and magnetic materials.

22nd International Conference on Magnetism



Jul 4th 2021 - Jul 9th 2021

Shanghai, China    Other

12th European Electric Steelmaking Conference



Sep 12th 2021 - Sep 14th 2021

Sheffield, United Kingdom    Other

The key aim of this 12th European Electric Steelmaking Conference is to provide a forum at which steelmakers, product specialists, and all other parts of the steel sector supply chain (including the academic community and research and technology organisations) can come … Continued

MMM-Intermag 2022

Jan 10th 2022 - Jan 14th 2022

New Orleans, United States    Other

Intermag 2023

May 15th 2023 - May 19th 2023

Sendai, Japan    Other



Oct 30th 2023 - Nov 3rd 2023

Dallas, United States    Other