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Magnetics Students Online Conference 2021


Aug 25th 2021 - Aug 25th 2021

United Kingdom    UKMagSoc

Updated 25 May 2021 Registration at the bottom of this page Submission for presentations is now open Submission deadline 7 July 2021   This is the next in the series of conferences for magnetics students to present their work, started … Continued

12th European Electric Steelmaking Conference



Sep 12th 2021 - Sep 14th 2021

Sheffield, United Kingdom    Other

The key aim of this 12th European Electric Steelmaking Conference is to provide a forum at which steelmakers, product specialists, and all other parts of the steel sector supply chain (including the academic community and research and technology organisations) can come … Continued

Technologies for Electric Vehicles

Sep 22nd 2021 - Sep 22nd 2021

United Kingdom    UKMagSoc

More details shortly

1&2DM2021: 16th International Workshop on One- and Two-Dimensional Magnetic Measurement and Testing


Sep 29th 2021 - Sep 30th 2021

United Kingdom    UKMagSoc Sponsored

This page is for registration for the 1&2DM2021 workshop on 1 and 2 Dimensional Magnetic Measurement and Testing. The workshop will include 2 days of presentations, discussions, networking, and entertainments. More details of the workshop can be found here: 1&2DM2021 … Continued

Extreme Magnetics

Oct 6th 2021 - Oct 6th 2021

United Kingdom    UKMagSoc

Updated 30 July 2021 Please register at the bottom of this page A one-day event on the extreme edegs of magnetics. CHAIRS Matthew Swallow, Bunting Magnetics Ltd DRAFT PROGRAMME The programme will consist of talks with Q&A, exhibitors, and networking … Continued

Ewing Event: Magnetics for a Green Future

Dec 8th 2021 - Dec 8th 2021

Warwick, United Kingdom    UKMagSoc

More details shortly

MMM-Intermag 2022

Jan 10th 2022 - Jan 14th 2022

New Orleans, United States    Other

1&2DM2022: 16th International Workshop on One- and Two-Dimensional Magnetic Measurement and Testing


Sep 20th 2022 - Sep 22nd 2022

Cardiff, United Kingdom    UKMagSoc Sponsored

In person workshop replacement for postponed 1&2DM2020

Intermag 2023

May 15th 2023 - May 19th 2023

Sendai, Japan    Other



Oct 30th 2023 - Nov 3rd 2023

Dallas, United States    Other