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Magnetic Materials and Applications 22


Oct 26th 2022 - Oct 27th 2022

Eindhoven, Netherlands    UKMagSoc

Updated 28.09.22   Register now at EventBrite   This two-day event will focus on magnetic materials and applications, hosted by Prof Elena Lomonova and the Electromechanics and Power Electronics group at Technical University Eindhoven. The delegate fee includes entry to … Continued

68th Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

MMM 2022


Oct 31st 2022 - Nov 4th 2022

Minneapolis, United States    

Ewing Event ’22: The Road to Fusion

Dec 7th 2022 - Dec 7th 2022

York, United Kingdom    

Updated 12/09/2022 Of all applications of magnetic technology, nuclear fusion offers the greatest potential benefit. The ability to generate emissions free electricity from simple fuels has been a dream for centuries, and an achievable goal for decades. This year’s Ewing … Continued

Magnetics 2023


Feb 1st 2023 - Feb 2nd 2023

Orlando, United States    UKMagSoc Sponsored

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  • Measurement
  • Mining of Raw Materials
  • Motors
  • Permanent Magnetic Materials
  • Recycling of Magnetic Materials
  • Sensors


Apr 13th 2023 - Apr 14th 2023

Newcastle, United Kingdom    UKMagSoc Sponsored

Intermag 2023


May 15th 2023 - May 19th 2023

Sendai, Japan    Other

23rd Rare Earth Permanent Magnets Workshop


Sep 3rd 2023 - Sep 7th 2023

Birmingham, United Kingdom    UKMagSoc Sponsored

69th Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

MMM 2023


Oct 30th 2023 - Nov 3rd 2023

Dallas, United States    

70th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

MMM 25


Oct 27th 2025 - Oct 30th 2025

United Kingdom