WMM’18 – 8th International Conference Magnetism and Metallurgy


UKMagSoc Sponsored


Jun 12th 2018 - Jun 14th 2018

Dresden, Germany

Traditional the aim of this series of International Conferences on Magnetism and Metallurgy is to bring together scientists from universities and research groups working on the development of magnetic materials, experts from the producer of magnetic materials as well as electrical engineers from universities and industry, who are engaged in applications of magnetic materials. The WMM18 will be again a forum for the exchange of ideas on the status and further trends between experts from the industry and research institutes.
WMM’18 will cover like the previous conferences the latest developments and demonstrate the progress in the field of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials and their Application. The program will comprise invited papers and posters.

Topics of WMM’18

  • Advances in process techniques: metallurgical routes
  • Progresses in electrical steel grades and other soft magnetic materials as well as hard magnetic materials
  • Status of application of thin strip technology for nonoriented electrical steels
  • Tendencies at the fabrication of grain oriented electrical steels
  • Present status of application of electrical steels for cars and trucks
  • Alternative materials for electrical steels and their application
  • Progress in modelling the evolution of microstructure and texture along the metallurgical processing route for electrical steels
  • Improved material characterization and progress on modelling the effects of magnetic materials in electrical machines
  • Optimum selection of electrical steels for given applications