The Most Important Ideas in Electric Machine Design – course


Apr 18th 2017 - Apr 18th 2017

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Updated 10/04/17

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This course is a seminar for engineers, to introduce and review the main principles of electric machine design, with special emphasis on the fundamental physics, the important properties of materials, and the process of designing for manufacture (including things that can go wrong in manufacture and operation). All these aspects are important in the expanding range of applications and the technical development of electric machines. The material includes lectures on these topics, together with example designs.

The course is intended to benefit both engineers starting out in electric machine design, offering a consolidation of the principles and ideas in which they have been trained, and engineers with years of experience who may appreciate an opportunity to refresh their knowledge of fundamental machine design and applied analytical methods.

The course will be given by Prof TJE Miller, the internationally respected Emeritus Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Glasgow. There will be at most 25 attendees, who will be encouraged to ask questions, discuss, and share their thoughts on the content.

An unusual feature will be an exercise to design a motor or generator of a common type to meet a specification with certain details proposed by members of the class. This will be used to illustrate the principles we have covered.

Note: At no point will industrial-level CAE software be used, training given in any software packages, or experience required in any package to take part in the course. But at various points it will be indicated where specialised methods of numerical analysis would be helpful, and some commonly available software may be used as an aid during presentations.


There will be four sessions:


Covers fundamental physics and principles of electric machine design, including many references to mechanical and manufacturing points, and the properties of materials. The subject is introduced with a detailed review of windings and connections, to establish an electrical engineering emphasis.

Design Example

Covers the design of a 10- kW 3-phase variable-speed induction motor, starting from a demonstration motor which will be assessed for modifications by the whole class.

The Induction Machine in Greater Detail

Reviews the elements of the equivalent circuit and several important design details including second-order effects and areas where numerical
analysis can be helpful.

The Brushless Permanent Magnet Machine

Summarises the principles of this machine viewed as a replacement for the induction machine, so that the differences in performance characteristics and manufacturing provisions can be better understood. In this session the induction motor designed earlier will be converted to a brushless PM machine, to quantify some of the expected differences. In this final session we will also consider the replacement of the PM rotor by a synchronous reluctance rotor, again with regard to its expected performance characteristics and manufacturing implications.


The dress code for the day is business attire / smart casual.


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Prof Tim MIller of University of Glasgow (ret'd)


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09:00Registration Opens
09:30Session 1: Fundamentals
11:30Session 2: Design Example
14:00Session 3: The Induction Machine in Greater Detail
16:00Session 4: The Brushless PM Machine


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