Magnetic Frontiers 2019: Magnetic Sensors


UKMagSoc Sponsored

Jun 24th 2019 - Jun 27th 2019

Lisbon, Portugal

Magnetic Frontiers is the premier topical conference on emerging aspects of fundamental and applied magnetism. The second conference in the series is related to the emerging topic of Magnetic Sensors.

With the rise of IoT in technologies, the expanding opportunities for magnetic sensors inspires novel trends to develop devices with improved performances and capabilities. The proposed Magnetic Frontiers topic will promote discussions on current challenges faced by researchers and industrial key players on the development of magnetic sensors. By bringing together these communities, we aim at open new paths for innovative and creative solutions on materials, technology, manufacturing processes and applications.

Thus, the conference will cover the following topics: • Ultra-small sensors; Ultra-low noise sensors • Robustness against harsh environments • New materials and approaches for magnetic sensors • Autonomous and low power magnetic sensors/ Harvesters for magnetic sensors • Integration challenges: CMOS, Flexible electronics, packaging, etc. • Reaching the technological limits • Sensor networks and IOT • Applications