31st Ewing Event: The Future’s So Bright… Potential Trends in Magnetics


Nov 28th 2018 - Nov 28th 2018

Manchester, United Kingdom

Updated 25/09/17

Note: Date changed to November 2018

What might develop in magnetics in the next 30 years or so? What challenges might research be asked to look at? Are there new techniques or technologies that might come into production? New materials, or sources of materials? How might application requirements change? In short, what challenges are magnetics engineers and scientists likely to be facing in the next few decades?

Skyrmionic research may change how we see materials; mass take-up of electric transport will make huge demands on supply as well as affecting motor design and manufacturing; Brexit will affect supply chains and trade; graphene may not turn out to be a wonder material; VR and holographics may change design tools; electricity demand will increase, while renewables will provide more of the supply; recycling will be a growth area of supply; quantum computing looks set to overturn IT security and increase calculation power; additive techniques may be a manufacturing paradigm shift. And much more besides.

This year’s Ewing Event will look into the future, where last year’s event looked back over the last 30 years. A series of talks will cover these questions and others across the many fields of magnetics, including manufacturing, generation and transmission, machines, spintronics, graphene, materials, automotive, skyrmions, computing and CAE, and others.

The keynote Ewing Lecture will attempt to draw common themes from across all the fields and summarise ideas expressed during the day.

The Event will consist of a full day technical seminar and an evening of the Ewing Lecture and an informal dinner. The event will take place in Manchester, in the Museum of Science and Industry.


Dr Cris Emson, Infolytica Europe



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The dress code for the event is business attire / smart casual.

General Information

Day Time Programme

09:00 - 10:00 - Registration Opens & Refreshments

10:00 - 12:30 - Technical Seminars

12:30 - 13:30 - Lunch

13:30 - 16:00 - Technical Seminars

Evening Programme

16:30 - Drinks Reception

18:30 - Ewing Lecture/ Awards

20:00 - Informal Dinner


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