Multiphysics Simulation for Automotive / Motorsport Applications


Nov 11th 2015 - Nov 11th 2015

Oxford, UK

Updated 26/11/15

Motor racing has long been a development test bed for technologies which go on to appear in road cars. The advent of the Formula E standard now offers the same route for electric vehicles. This event provides an opportunity to hear from some of the companies engineering the drivetrains and bodies of vehicles from the extremes of world speed record setting to mass production.
This one day event is the latest in the CAE series from the UK Magnetics Society. This year we will focus on the problem of virtually simulating automotive motor and vehicle design, where in previous years we examined Novel EM Devices and CAD for EM. Speakers will discuss case studies and toolsets for simulating or engineering automotive solutions for road cars and race cars, and software suppliers will be on hand to give updates on the latest developments of their toolsets.
The event is being hosted by ANSYS at the Williams F1 conference centre in Oxfordshire. As well as the speaking programme, there will be an exhibition of software suppliers, with plenty of time for networking built in to the programme, as well as an opportunity to view the Collection of Williams Grand Prix cars.


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Event Travel Information

The Williams F1 Conference Centre is between Swindon and Oxford, so car access is OK, with plenty of parking on site. Please drive up to the barrier explain your reason for visiting and park in the car park directed to you by the security guards.

The nearest train station is Didcot Parkway.


Multiphysics Analysis of a High Torque Density Motor for Electric Racing Cars
by Dr Mircea Popescu of Motor Design Ltd

This presentation describes a newly developed high torque density motor design for electric racing cars. An interior permanent magnet motor with flux-concentration configuration is proposed. The 18slots/16poles motor has pre-formed tooth wound coils, rare-earth magnets type material, whilst employing a highly efficient cooling system with forced oil convection through the slot and forced air convection in the airgap. Losses are minimized either by using special materials, i.e. non-oriented thin gage, laminated steel or special construction, i.e. magnet segmentation or twisted wires. The thermal behavior of the motor is modelled and tested using Le Mans racing typical driving cycle. Several prototypes have been built and tested to validate the proposed configuration.

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The Design and Analysis of a “New” Motor Topology for High Performance Applications
by Dr David Simkin & Mr Ian Luxford of YASA Motors Ltd

YASA Motors develops and manufactures electric motors which are significantly smaller and lighter for a given power and torque than other competing technologies. The motors are used in the Drayson Racing car which holds the World Electric Land Speed record in its class and recently in the Koenigsegg Regera super car which will be the fastest production hybrid vehicle. The company uses design software in all aspects of its work. In the development of its recent released P400, or plastic based machine, the company used the software to design the injection molding tooling as well and mechanical design software to efficiently use new materials to engineer the mechanical properties necessary for its innovative construction. Examples will show the use of; Mold design software for final plastic parts and illustrate how the results guided the development of the parts or volume production. Magnetic design software to develop the optimum machine design to meet electrical power and speed specifications. Mechanical design software to ensure the parts meet the necessary engineering constraints on the final machine.

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Multi-Domain Simulation of Hybrid Vehicles
by Mr Alessandro Picarelli of Claytex

The design and development of hybrid vehicles requires the integration and optimization of many different systems. This presentation will show how Dymola, which is a multi-domain modelling and simulation tool, can be used for modelling these systems. Dymola is built on the open standards of the Modelica Modelling Language and the FMI (Functional Mock-up Interface) standard. It can be used to model the mechanical, electrical, magnetic, thermal and fluid systems in one integrated model. It can also be used to model the control systems or be coupled to many other control design tools using the FMI standard. An example based on the current Formula 1 powertrains will be shown.

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Loss Modelling in a Permanent Magnet Machine using Opera
by Mr Jerome Mifsud of Williams F1

The presentation will show how permanent magnet loss in a PM machine is quantified and then optimized using the CARMEN rotating machine solver provided by Opera. This is critical in the design of a high power dense PM machine. The presentation will also show how copper losses are evaluated using Opera and how the AC loss for different Litz wire gauges can be quantified.

Performance through Innovation using System Simulation
by Mr Marceliano Fumero of Siemens Simulation and Test

Intelligent systems have become a key driver for improved product performance and innovative designs. On this presentation we will discuss system simulation as a technology enabler for early assessment of innovative designs in the context of high performance.

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JMAG User Cases in Automotive market & Multiphysics with JMAG and Abaqus
by Mr Yves Tholiere of JMAG

The presentation contains 2 parts: - In order to introduce JMAG, the first part is mainly dealing with some customer cases and usage of JMAG in the automotive market. - The second part consists in a demonstration of the latest improvements in terms of 2 way coupling calculations between JMAG and Abaqus. 2 typical applications are reviewed: induction hardening; metal forming with a die. The latest and coming improvements in such a simulation are reviewed.

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Infolytica & McGill - Collaboration on the Canadian APC Project
by Prof DA Lowther & Prof EM Freeman of CEM Lab, University of McGill / Infolytica Corp, Canada

It will describe an intensive programme of research and development, into the magnetic design aspects of electrical machines, in the context of Electric Vehicles. It will cover extending magnetic material property measurements, to include effects of: temperature; mechanical stress; and non-sinusoidal waveforms. In addition, new techniques in design optimisation will be described.

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TimeSession TitleSession Host
09:00Registration and Coffee
09:45WelcomeDr Cris Emson, UK Magnetics Society; Mr Romain Jalard, ANSYS
10:00Multi-Domain Simulation of Hybrid VehiclesMr Alessandro Picarelli, Claytex
10:30Customer Cases in Automotive Industry and Latest Coupling Technology between JMAG and AbaqusMr Yves Tholiere, PowerSys / JMAG
11:30Multiphysics Analysis of a High Torque Density Motor for Electric Racing CarsDr Mircea Popescu, Motor Design Ltd
12:00The Design and Analysis of a “New” Motor Topology for High Performance ApplicationsDr David Simkin and Mr Ian Luxford, YASA Motors Ltd
12:30Performance through Innovation using System SimulationMr Marceliano Fumero, Siemens Simulation and Test
14:00TBDMr Jerome Mifsud, Williams F1
14:30Infolytica & McGill - Collaboration on the Canadian APC ProjectProf DA Lowther & Prof EM Freeman, University of McGill & Infolytica Corporation
15:00Closing RemarksDr Jeremy Howard-Knight, Siemens
15:15Coffee & Viewing of Williams F1 Grand Prix Collection


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