Upcoming Events

Particle Colliders – Accelerating Innovation

UKMagSoc Sponsored


Mar 22nd 2019 - Feb 22nd 2019

Liverpool, United Kingdom    

Showcase of the technical challenges of the Future Circular Collider study (FCC) at CERN, the technological innovations envisaged within the project, and the benefits for industry in terms of project involvement and product commercialisation. The symposium includes an Industry Innovation … Continued

Séminaire sur les aimants permanents (Seminar on permanent magnets)


Mar 28th 2019 - Mar 28th 2019

Paris, France    Other Organisation

Automotive technologies are currently evolving at an incredibly fast pace. From the development of intelligent mechatronic systems to new technologies dedicated to autonomous and decarbonated vehicles, permanent magnets are everywhere present in this technological transition: propulsion engines, magnetic position sensors, … Continued

Magnetism 2019


Apr 8th 2019 - Apr 9th 2019

Leeds, United Kingdom    Other

Design of Electric Machines Course

Apr 16th 2019 - Apr 18th 2019

Manchester, United Kingdom    UKMagSoc

Updated 21/03/19 This 2.5 day course draws on the experiences of two world-renowned electrical machines designers, and will introduce you to a topic they both agree will be critical to machine design in the future – harmonic filters. Emer Prof … Continued

International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine – 27th Annual Meeting


May 11th 2019 - May 17th 2019

Montreal, Canada    Other Organisation

  • High Magnetic and Electric Fields
  • Magnetic Imaging
  • Medical Magnetics

Magnetic Frontiers 2019: Magnetic Sensors


Jun 24th 2019 - Jun 27th 2019

Lisbon, Portugal    UKMagSoc Sponsored

Magnetic Frontiers is the premier topical conference on emerging aspects of fundamental and applied magnetism. The second conference in the series is related to the emerging topic of Magnetic Sensors. With the rise of IoT in technologies, the expanding opportunities … Continued
  • Measurement
  • Sensors

European Conference on Applied Superconductivity 2019

EUCAS 2019


Sep 1st 2019 - Sep 5th 2019

Glasgow, United Kingdom    

  • Superconductivity

MagMatApp’19: Magnetic Materials and Applications

Sep 18th 2019 - Sep 19th 2019

Milan, Italy    UKMagSoc

Updated 25/02/19 Our two day event on materials and applications is being held in Milan as part of Laboratorio Elettrofisico’s 60th anniversary celebrations, and we are also being joined by the NOVAMAG project, for their project closure event. So this … Continued

2019 Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials


Nov 4th 2019 - Nov 8th 2019

Las Vegas, USA    Other Organisation

  • Materials
  • Materials - Soft Magnetic

2020 IEEE International Magnetic Conference


May 4th 2020 - May 8th 2020

Montreal, Canada    Other Organisation

  • Machines
  • Materials
  • Thin Films

2020 Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials



Nov 16th 2020 - Nov 20th 2020

Ft Lauderdale, USA    Other Organisation

  • Magnets
  • Permanent Magnetic Materials
  • Soft Magnetic Materials